Jeremy’s sources for paper #1

  • I will use this source to state was Grant was successful as a general as well as discussing the events the unfolded during and after the successful siege of Fort Donelson.
  1. Hurst, Jack. Men of Fire: Grant, Forrest, and the Campaign That Decided the War. New York: Basic Books, 2008. Print.
  2. Macartney, Clarence E. N. Grant and His Generals. New York: McBride Co, 1953. Print.
  3. Clark, General Wesley K. Preface. Grant. Ed. John Mosier. Gordonsville: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006. Print.
  • I will be using these three books to help discuss the relationship Grant had with General Halleck.  These books will also be helpful in describing both Grand and Halleck as individual people.
  • I will use this source to tell about the events after Fort Donelson in an attempt to show how Halleck was an inept leader who tried to further his military career.


  1. Grant, Ulysses S. Personal Memoirs. New York: C.L. Webster, 1885–86
  • I will use Grant’s Memoirs to show some of his personal thoughts and feelings about Halleck.



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